How to Turn Your Passion Into a Life changing Opportunity


Do you know you turn your passion into a life changing opportunity? Do you know things you like doing most can turn you to a millionaire? Oh, you don’t know that thing that can save you from 5 to 9 schedule of your boss?

What do you think about working as your own boss? What do you think about having your own schedule? Oh, don’t you think of doing your things at your convenient time?

Turning your passion into life changing opportunity is the best gift you can yourself?

How? Do you ask me? Good, I will tell you.

Do you know God bless everybody with different endowments? That food you love cooking is the best gift God has given you. That talking and gossiping can pave way for your future. How do I mean?

There are people out there that need this skill. I know your problem, I’m ready to solve it for you.

Most of the question I do hear from people are:

  • I’ve bills to pay, I can’t quit my job
  • This is the only thing I know how to do
  • I don’t know even where to start if I want to try something new


The fact is, you don’t stick, there are tons of ways to get rid of your current situations. Find what you love and turn it into a cash-generating career. Oh, it sounds off-chance? Hell No, if you have a plan and below steps can help you develop your dream life and achieve it.

  1. What do you love to do?

I’ve heard many people saying ‘I’m good at everything’. I keep wondering why an upright would say he’s good at everything. You may have knowledge of everything but you can’t be good at doing everything. Perhaps, there is one thing out of hundredth you know how to do that you can do better. Figure out which activities make you happy and alive, not dead inside, as I feel after Arsenal defeat Chelsea.

Maybe you like writing and you do it for fun, its high time to monetize it. Maybe taking pictures of different occasions is yours. Any activities you can dream of can be turned into making money.

If you still can figure out such instincts, take some classes, try some things out before you select. It may take years before figure out what you love to do, but keep experimenting. The fact is, you still don’t get the thing.

  1. Do it for free

I’ve seen many freelancers that don’t understand the basic of the service they are or want to offer. What ends their career? Digest that. Before charging people money, do what you love for free for quiet times. Master the nook and cranny of the skill without worrying about how to monetize it.

You can take some childish steps. For instance, you love designing, maybe or maybe not, you’re thinking of a career in graphics or UI/UX design as a career, why don’t you design different objects for free? When you feel comfortable, offer your service for free for different local businesses and websites.

However, working for free will make you ascertain if you actually love the work, before monetizing it. If you can’t do it for free, you can’t enjoy doing it for money

  1. Determine your ideal client

Who do you think will pay for the work you do? Think about your clients. Where they and what are their lifestyles? What will they expect from you, and most importantly, what value will you bring to their business?

Take time to study what your clients need and interest. Do thorough research and brainstorm ways to help them.

  1. Combine your passion with other skills

There are other skills that increase the chance of success. Maybe you’re thinking of a career in photography, why don’t you thinking of “Animation”. With that, you will stand out and keep your service unique.

Create your own success secret made up of all the skills you have.

  1. Do it for cheap

Now that you’ve built your portfolio, you can start asking for money. Whenever you reach to paying customer, you will send those free works as your sample.  You can still be selling at different freelance sites like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Upwork, etc.

And, you can meet your high paying client at “weworkremotely”. the website is for hiring professional programmers and graphics designers.

  1. Get connections

How would you reach the clients you defined in the previous step? How would you extend your circle to be known globally? Is there someone you know that can connect you to your ideal clients? How would you reach them? It’s very easy.

There are many and cheap ways to extend your creativity to attract people to your dream, and it will help your passion into life changing opportunity

For instance,  if graphics designer is your career, go to Facebook or LinkedIn, follow people who are into writing, business and other niches that are not related to yours. With that, people seeing your creativity and how well you’re doing will recommend you. On any post shared, tell your followers to help you share.

Another way round, if you want to write about health and tip, start a health blog and get on social media. Follow people and invite friends. On every post you share, tell your friends to help you reshare for the chance of who has an interest in your work. With that, you will get attracted to the client(s) that need your services.

Once you have your audience, you’re gradually building your portfolio and showing off your work.

  1. Simplify your message

Your approach matter most at this time, you’ve built your audience and started making sales. Know how to communicate with your clients, know when to upsell them and when to give them a discount. For any reshape or size in the project, tell them not what you do but why you do it.

Your approach to them should sound friendly to tell your story and not a sales pitch. Once you have caught up as a friend and they ask “what up”, you’ve got the chance to pitch them. I did this and it working for me.

  1. Follow Pro

Follow people who are doing the same thing you love doing. Admire their works and study the strategy they are using. How do they do it?

It doesn’t mean you can’t do better than them. It doesn’t mean you are not original. Copy the strategy and make the rest yourself.

  1. Don’t quit your job too early.

Make sure you take your time to build solid business before quitting your job. Remember Rome was not built in a day. Your job can help you fund your new venture until you start making big money that will take off the burden over you.


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